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Bf4 remove sun glare

Your glare is so bright it makes a large part of the image totally white, essentially removing all image data at those spots. Your best bet is to retake the picture. I did some testing, and my best results were with brightness and contrast set to -70 and +40, then reduce noise with 10 radius and .7 strength. Quote.

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To do that, create a new layer on top of the color layer. Select the stamp tool, set the brush opacity to about 50% and flow to 100%. Make sure the align sample is set to “current and below”. Set the brush to the size slightly bigger than the lens flare, sample the surrounding area and slowly paint over it.

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I am pretty sure you can remove sky, and other none essential effects. You could run the game in dx10 using user.cfg commands (If you are using 11) Bf4 folder, user.cfg (create it) Code: RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 0. RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 0. RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 0.

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(Lag + Sun Glare!) champions club battlefield v battlefield 5 bfv bf5 bf v bf 5 dr disrespect funny moments the two time drdisrespect dr disrespect slick daddy clips slick daddy club fortnite pubg viss ring of elysium roe black ops 4 cod call of duty blackout halifax dougisraw #the2time #drdisrespect.

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